2008 Playoff Prime Cuts Wade Miley #123

Original Press Release:

“A limited number of Razor exclusive player Wade Miley, a pitching prospect in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, were inadvertantly released in 1998 Playoff Prime Cuts. Donruss issued this statement Tuesday: Due to a production error at the time of packout, some 31 copies of a Wade Miley card mistakenly were inserted into packs of 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts Baseball. Donruss officials believed they had a deal with Miley during the production cycle of Prime Cuts, but when it became apparent Miley was exclusive property of another manufacturer, Donruss pulled Miley’s cards before pack-out. ‘These few just slipped by’, a Donruss representative said. ‘It’s an honest mistake, and one we regret.’ There are no Miley autograph redemption cards.’

The cards that surfaced are:

#01/25 – sold for: $250.00 (1/8/09)
#08/25 – sold for: $100.99 (1/14/09)
#18/25 – sold for: $154.00 (1/10/09)
#23/25 – sold for: $234.00 (1/9/09)


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