Vendor Notes: 2002 Fleer Dave Winfield Classic Cuts Jersey SP/231

2002 Fleer Dave Winfield Classic Cuts Jersey SP/231

“The Winfield Jersey number was adjusted from 200 to 231 when we learned that Fleer actually checklisted a Winfield Jsy/200 and a Winfield TBC Jsy/31 as two separate cards. The two descriptions are actually the exact same same card except the Jsy/200 features a Yankeespinstripe jersey and the TBC Jsy/31 features a Cleveland Indians “Turn Back the Clock” jersey. Since it’s common practice for manufacturers to intermingle multiple jerseys into the creation of a game jersey card, we decided it would be best to checklist the card in the same fashion we’ve been doing for years. FYI – if you see the Winfield Jsy card and it features a red patch, you know it’s from the Indians TBC jersey.”


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