Vendor Notes: 2001 Fleer Genuine Edgar Martinez Final Cut Patch SP

2001 Fleer Genuine Edgar Martinez Final Cut Patch SP/130 (uncorrected error)

“Further research told me that a total of only 162 Edgar Martinez Final Cut cards were created (32 were in Fleer inventory for customer replacement–I found 12 that are all patch, some with the same colors as the ones you e-mailed) in Genuine. It was patches from a navy gamer. However, there also are a variation that actually have the batting glove pieces. Notes tell me the blue Edgar jersey was to be used for Material Issue (also in Genuine). The batting glove was supposed to be used for Final Cut. These items were probably shipped to our vendor together with notes. I do not have numbers on the two variations, but I believe that the card was only supposed to use the batting glove pieces. FYI: a typical batting glove cut up in that manner yields about 50 pieces. Unfortunately, I do not have information beyond that.”

A batting glove variation has yet to surface on the secondary market. We did spot 1 card with a jersey swatch which is rare.


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