Unexplained: 08 Topps Heritage Chrome #C285

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Jerry Hairston #C285

How rare is this card? For some time, a lot of collectors believed this card did not exist. Each card is numbered out of 1959 which is the year these cards are designed after. It is rumored to be a production error as Topps never released an official statement and have no confirmed info to why this is short print.  The refractor parallels seem to have been inserted into the packs correctly. Five confirmed sales range from $255.17 – $305.09.  The numbers known to exist: #0002/1959, #0083/1959, #0103/1959, #0116/1959, #0135/1959, #0143/1959, #0172/1959, and #0174/1959.


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