Flashback: MJ pulled then readded with new photo

1994 Pro Cards Michael Jordan #633

During production, this card was pulled because Upper Deck had exclusive rights to Michael Jordan. Since Fleer had a deal with National Association to produce team sets of every minor league team and players, they were allowed to release 10,000 sets (80,000 of the 90,000 were shredded). Since the first Jordan card was initially pulled, a new pose had to be ordered and used for the released team sets. All but roughly two dozen of the original card were destroyed.

According to former Fleer V.P., Ted Taylor, “I’m the one who pulled it and ordered another pose to be inserted in the team sets. I was VP of hobby sales & marketing, and already had orders for 45,000 sets at the time.” The replacement photo has Barons fully visible on the jersey and is part of the regular set.


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